Ausable Huron Condominium Campground
Owners Association

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Park Manager Phone
*Phone is not used for rental inquires 

UPDATED 10/15/2020, updates as of this date are marked in black.

Water Shut Off:   As always, the water will be turned off prior to temperatures expecting to reach 32°F or less for two consecutive nights.  Please monitor the extended weather forecast for planning purposes.

Sewer Lines:  Work on the sewers is expected to begin within the next few weeks and fortunately the water will not need to be turned off to complete the repairs.  URGENT: DO NOT place items down the sewers including flushable wipes, baby wipes, grease, etc..  doing so will make the problem worse, cause clogging and prolong our ability to correct the issue and maintain our sewer system.  Also, once the water to the park is turned off, no items including water should be placed down the sewer system.

Yearly EGLE Inspection for Campground Licensing:  Our inspection went well again this year with the exception of vehicles being parked in the road or outside of their unit boundaries.  Please read the parking guidelines that must be followed below. 

Opening of Common Buildings:  At this time, all common buildings will remain closed.  The board is working with the Iosco County Health Department to work on a plan to be able to open the front bathhouse following their strict guidelines once the water is turned off for the season.    

Coronavirus:   Please continue wearing masks and maintaining 6-foot distancing.   Use/lease of any RV unit by anyone other than the owner is also currently prohibited.  You may, however, rent a vacant lot as long as the renter has a self contained unit with a full bathroom, a rental agreement is completed and it has been approved by the board.  No unit/RV can be cohabited by individuals not within the same addressed household.  The board will continue to monitor CDC and government authorities and follow their recommendations.  Thank you for your understanding as your board continues to keep the entire parks best interests and health as a top priority.  We must continue to follow all federal, local, state and campground guidelines.

New Board:  The annual meeting was held this past Saturday, July 11 and a new board was selected.  The board members are now as follows:  Kim Kieba , President; Greg Miller, Vice President,  Cathy Dewald, Treasurer;  Ann McGowan, Secretary and Vicki Piekarz, Assistant Treasurer.  Thank you to all who attended the meeting and welcome Ann and Vicki to the board!

Reminders for the Safety and Consideration of All:
Please be cautious when swimming as boats may not be able to see swimmers.  It is 
  suggested to have a float or other item for visibility if you are a ways away from shore.   It is also asked that all boaters stay clear of swimmers and approach the beach/seawall
  area slowly and with extreme caution.
- Please clean up after yourself, a lot of garbage has been left along our beach and the 
  beach to the north.  Please be considerate and pick up all items when leaving, such as 
  water bottles, wrappers, etc.
- NO fireworks or sparklers of any type are allowed anywhere within the park including 
  the beach area above the seawall.
- NO fires allowed, except at the marina community firepit; where social distancing 
  must be followed.
- All dogs must be on leashes within the park, including the beach.  Also, be sure to 
  immediately clean up after your dog including feces and any holes that may be dug.
- Use walkways (no bikes allowed); cutting through lots or between units is not allowed.
- Enter Lake Huron by the steps located at the north end of the seawall, do not climb on 
  the rocks as they are very slippery and can be dangerous.  
- Common areas are still closed due to Covid19, please adhere to 6 foot distancing and 
  wear masks

Grass Cutting:  It is the responsibility of the unit owners to ensure that the areas of grass needing to be cut remain clear of any items which includes, boats trailers, hoses, yarn ornaments, goose/animal deterrents, vehicles, etc.  It is not the responsibility of the lawn service to move these items or attempt to weed whip around/beneath them.  Also, if you are using another owners unit to park your vehicle, they should be aware and provided approval prior to parking on them and it is your responsibility to ensure your vehicle is moved so that the lawn cutting service can trim their grass.

Gate Code:  A new gate code has been placed into the front entrance and the code is posted on our Facebook page, as this site is not viewable by members only.  The code will be in effect, so long as we continue to progress with Covid19.  It is suggested that you carry your key with you at all times in case the code does need to be removed for any reason.  The gate code box is '"use at your own risk" and it's also recommended to use sanitizer or wipes before and after every use.  The gate code is not to be shared with anyone other than owners; visitors and renters should be provided a key for use or be met at the gate by an owner to allow entrance.

Water Spigots:  When not staying in the in the park, all main water spigots are to be turned off to eliminate dripping/leaking faucets while not in the park.  Upon arrival and turning on the water, please ensure that they are leak free and/or fix the leak immediately or contact the Park Manager if it is the spigot itself that is leaking.  This will help eliminate water waste and manage our water expenses.

AED:  AED's have been placed within their outdoor storage boxes at the clubhouse and front bathhouse.

Parking:  Numerous parking complaints have been brought to the attention of the board and all co-owners need to ensure that they comply with the following parking rules:
  • Each unit must have at least one parking spot that is a minimum of 9' x 18'
  • All vehicles must be at least 2' off the road and 2' from their road side property lines
  • No vehicles can be parked in the road at any time
  • Only ONE vehicle is allowed per unit
These regulations are for the safety of all and those owners who do not comply will receive letters from the board.  Please be courteous of other owners and the cost that occurs in sending these letters; along with the time associated with the board who can  use the time to focus on more important issues within the park.  

River Seawall:  Due to the continuing rise in water levels and to ensure the stability of our river seawall, no docks or any other structures are allowed to be attached to the river seawall at this time. Those units responsible for their own seawalls that abuts to the river and their property have been notified to assess and evaluate their properties for stability.

Survey:  The survey is still a work in process as many areas of concern in recording of the campground over the years has caused problems in determining the proper control points and mathematical accuracies for recording and marking. Back office work was completed throughout the fall remedying the issues and unfortunately site work was halted due to the weather and Covid19.   

Marina:  The marina now has a website and is managed by the marina board and this post to our site is to help get the information out as quickly as possible.  Please share their website with any marina owners you may know.

AuSable River Inlet - A safety issue continues in the area along the North side of the Au Sable River, west of the steel wall where the boulders are.  The Army Corps of Engineers is aware of the issue and has informed us that this area can be dangerous and asked that we stay clear of it for our safety. 

Mailing Address:  AHCCA, P.O. Box 318, Au Gres, MI  48703