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Park Manager Phone

05/06/2018 - As you may have heard, there have been multiple break ins within the park. So far 8 that I am aware of including our own.  Oscoda Police Sargent Hall has asked me to post this information to make things easier for us all in the continuing investigation.

The burglar enters though a door and tries to close is so that no one notices it was kicked or pried open. Some units were completely torn through while others were careful riffled though. Ours was carefully riffled through and if not for the door lock and security bar being broken, we would have not suspected that anything was taken. Upon going through our unit, we noticed multiple items were unfortunately missing from cabinets and shelves such as binoculars, 2 way and marine radios, cordless drill, etc.

When you arrive at your unit and notice that you have been burglarized, please immediately call Sargent Hall at 989-739-9113. If Sargent Hall is not available, he understands that you may need to enter your unit but please try to preserve any evidence that you may find until you are able to reach him. If any firearms or other weapons were taken contact 911 immediately.

It was recommend that everyone try to make it up to their units to be sure that they are secured and we're not burglarized. Please do not contact the park manger or a board member to inspect your unit, as it was recommended that owners check their own property to preserve any evidence and to inventory their personal belongings.  ~ Kim Kieba

- The AED’s have been temporarily placed in the front women's bathroom and in the clubhouse near the forms box.  They will be placed in their normal locations on the exterior of the buildings as soon as night time temperatures remain above 40 degrees.

- The water has been turned on for the 2018 season.  Thank you to Greg Miller and Ron and Lori Benedict for their efforts of containing and fixing the leak which was identified upon initial opening.

- The gate code is in for this spring, please refer to the last newsletter for the code.  Remember not to share this code with anyone other than members and family.  All others should be met at the gate in order to gain entry into the park.

Please congratulate Ron Benedict as our new park manager for the 2018 season.  Thanks Ron for taking on the role!

11/13/2017 - Please note that the mailing address to the campground has changed, please be sure to update your mailing and bill payment address asap. The new address is:   AHCCA, P.O. Box 318, Au Gres, MI  48703